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5 Tips for the Best Solo Spa Day

For my most recent birthday, I was gifted 2 Groupon spa days. I finally used my first one this week. In the past, I’d only gone to the spa with my family. This time I decided to do a solo spa day on my own and had an AMAZING time.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about spending 6-8 hours alone, but I feel like I had a really great time and would absolutely do it again. If you’re thinking about taking a solo spa day, here are my 5 tips on how to really enjoy it!

1. Pick the Right Spa

Solo Spa Day Pool

Arizona is a bit of a spa and resort hot-spot, so the options are pretty limitless. My partner Shaun actually selected this Groupon after doing thorough research. But, if you are planning this on your own, here is what you should consider when you pick the spa you’ll go to.

  • Location: How far are you willing to drive to relax? Is there anywhere nearby you’d like to go before or after?
  • Budget: This is key for me. Are you happy to pay full price at a 5-star resort? If not, keep an eye out for specials. Groupon is a key place to start, but a lot of spas (in AZ at least) offer summer specials.
  • Time/Amenities: How long do you want to stay at the spa? Do you just want to do your treatments then leave or do you want to make a day of it? What amenities are important to you? For me, a key amenity is a pool and/or hot tub. For you, it might be a steam room, a meditation area, or fitness classes.

2. Book in Advance and Be On Time

I’ve found that to have the most relaxing spa day, I need everything booked in advance. That way I know exactly where I need to be and when I need to be there. I think it’s fine to do an add-on service if the spa is open to it, but overall it’s better for everyone if everything is booked in advance.

My other recommendation here is to show up 30 minutes ahead of your service. Actually, it’s not even a recommendation. It’s a requirement. Do you want to start off your spa day by receiving a rushed tour of the amenities from someone who is stressing over your making your appointment time? You don’t. Trust Me. I watched a number of women get rushed tours because they arrived 5 minutes before their appointment and it raised my anxiety.

Personally, I’m a big fan of starting the day with my treatment and then taking the rest of the day to enjoy the amenities. That way I don’t have to keep track of time. To each their own!

3. Unplug

This may not be every spa, but the spa I went to (Sanctuary Camelback Resort) had a number of “no-phone zones”. I would suggest taking this as an opportunity to do a no-screen day. Read a book, meditate, make new friends, journal, etc. It’s good to give your eyes and brain a break. If you are taking a PTO day for this, it will also remove the temptation of checking in on work.

4. Pack for Success

Solo Spa Day Book

The key to a good solo spa day, for me, is packing appropriately. Some of my suggested items are…

  • Swimsuit, sunscreen/tan oil, and towel (I believe all spas provide towels, but just to be safe I brought one)
  • Plastic bag for carrying your wet swimsuit home in afterward
  • Shower products. There’s nothing like ending the day in a luxurious spa shower. You can get all of the oils, sunscreen, and anything else off of you and head home clean.
  • Sunglasses and hat/visor
  • Book/Journal/Coloring Book: Keep my last tip in mind. You may find yourself in a no-phone area and want something to do to keep your brain stimulated.
  • Headache Medicine: I always carry this with me, but some people will get headaches after massages so I’d recommend bringing this in case you end up being one of those people.

5. Enjoy Your Solo Spa Day

This is your time. Make it about you and enjoy yourself! Don’t think about anyone else. Don’t rush through it or worry about any errands or chores you need to do. Take a breath, get a massage, and live your best life!

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