May Faves

May ’20 Faves

Now that Arizona is consistently hitting 100 degrees every day, this month’s faves are almost all about coping with the hot weather.

  1. The inflatable pool that I bought to do social-distance pool parties with at my friend’s house since my apartment has had our pools on lock-down since March. It was an absolute nightmare trying to get this pool. We had 5 order cancellations and drove to multiple Targets. We managed to grab these from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. But isn’t it so cute? It’s super roomy and honestly I’m obsessed.
  2. This cute leopard 2 piece swimsuit from Target that makes me feel fierce and summer-ready. I was hesitant about going high-waisted, but it looks so cute on me and I don’t get self-conscious being seen in it.
  3. This super cheap, but life-saving spritzer fan. I don’t do well with stagnant, hot air, and this has come in clutch a number of times. My boyfriend ends up playing a ton of softball in the summer, and this has helped keep me a little more supportive.
  4. Meditate bath salts by Ritual. Shaun got these for me a while back from World Market and I just finished the bag yesterday. They smell so good! I don’t usually burn a candle when I use them, which is definitely saying something because I am pretty consistent with burning candles when I take baths.
  5. The Sleep pillow mist from Bath and Body Works. I am a fan of good smells. There is absolutely nothing in the world better than climbing into a made bed right after spraying this. It’s one of my go-to moves after a rough day.
  6. Cetaphil face moisturizer is a crucial part of my newly-established skincare routine. Not only does it make my skin super soft and not-irritated, but it also has SPF 15 protection which is just convenient since I live in AZ where the sun is literally always shining.

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