July Faves

July ’20 Faves

This month I thought I’d do something a little different for my faves. Since I’m still spending all of my time at home, I thought I’d share my favorite shows this month.

  • The Office (Netflix): It would be absolutely crazy for me to not put this on my list, since it is my go-to show. It’s also being taken off of Netflix in January, so unless you plan to pay for the new NBC streaming service, make sure you watch it while you can!
  • Say I Do (Netflix): Do you like wedding shows? Do you like crying? Then Say I Do is the show for you! This show is basically Queer Eye but for weddings and I am HERE. FOR. IT. All of the people they help are super deserving of it and I have cried happy tears at every episode.
  • America’s Next Top Model (Hulu): Do you wanna be on top? I’m so thankful that almost every season of this show is on Hulu now. Since I’ve already seen every episode over the years, this is a nice show to put on while I work or am cooking. Plus Mr. Jay is doing an IG Live every week talking through each season and they are a lot easier to follow when you’ve recently watched the season they’re discussing.
  • I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (HBO): If you’re into true crime like I am, you’ve probably heard of or read I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by the late Michelle McNamara, which goes over her search for the Golden State Killer (East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker). HBO has taken her book, research, and interview clips, along with their own, and created a docuseries sharing her work and the work of everyone involved in this search.
  • MasterChef (Hulu): I recently finished all 10 seasons of MasterChef after watching the whole series straight through. Anything by Gordon Ramsay is going to be a favorite of mine, but I really think watching these has helped my cooking a ton. Now that I’ve finished it, I’m thinking about starting MasterChef Junior, since I’m probably going to have an easier time with his lessons for children than I did with how to properly cut and cook Uni.
  • The Challenge (MTV): I have to give a big shout out to Shaun for getting me into this when we first started dating. If you’re not sure what it is, you may be familiar with its old name “Real World/Road Rules Challenge”. Basically it’s a bunch of reality stars doing activities trying to win a bunch of money, but the activities are usually pretty difficult. It’s a nice balance between normal reality show drama, political skills, and athleticism. This season just finished, but if you have a cable login (or if you steal your parents’ login like I do) you can watch this season on MTV’s website. Or if you don’t care what season you watch, you can always stream it on Pluto TV for free.

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