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August ’20 Faves

This month I figured I’d go back to sharing my impulse-purchases with you. My online shopping has gotten a bit out of control again, so enjoy the fruits of my labors and my empty wallet.

August Faves
  1. The Wonder Journal: If you haven’t heard of Amber Rae, you should absolutely follow her on Instagram. She wrote the book Choose Wonder Over Worry, but she also created this guided journal that prompts you based on either how you are feeling (negative emotion) or how you want to be feeling (positive emotion). What I love about this journal is that it has a section where you respond to prompts around how you experience each emotion.
  2. Silk Sleep Mask: Since my brain feels compelled to lose everything that’s important to me, I recently had to purchase a new eye mask. I get pretty severe migraines at least twice a month. I’m extremely light-sensitive so when one comes on, I need to be completely in the dark (which is hard in the middle of an AZ summer). This eye mask is a LIFESAVER. It blocks the light out really well and is super soft. It also came with a Van Gogh painting on it, which is really what sold it for me.
  3. Yoga Mat: I’ve had the same yoga mat since my freshman year of college. I finally realized how gross my mat had gotten and decided to treat myself to a new mat. I love the design of the moons on it and it was reasonably-priced. This mat is also a bit thicker than my previous mat, which I’m hoping helps alleviate the pressure on my wrists and hands.
  4. Leopard Headbands: My partner’s BFF’s wife owns her own boutique (Bree East Boutique). She does weekly sales on Facebook where she tries on the product and you can purchase it by just commenting on the Live. Since I get off work at the same time she starts the sales, I’ve found myself spending some money recently on it. I’m a headband girl, but find that a lot of headbands give me migraines. These don’t. They’re just loose enough where I don’t feel any additional pressure. Plus they’re super cute!
  5. Bowls Cookbook: I’m a big fan of cookbooks. I’m also a big fan of easy meals, which bowls tend to me. The nice thing about this book is it includes salads, grain bowls, soups, and noodle bowls. Gotta love the variety! It also gives you tutorials on how to build your own bowls.
  6. White Porcelain Bowls: All of my bowls since college have been cereal bowls, so I finally decided to step up my game. It’s hard to make pretty meals from my bowl cookbook in a tiny bowl. These were pretty cheap and very crisp looking.

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