“This apple cider margarita is amazing!” says Apple in-cider

So now that it almost feels like fall in Arizona, it’s time to break out the fall-flavored drinks! For me, that usually means apple flavors because I’m not really a pumpkin girl. While it is definitely cooling down, it’s still over 90 degrees most days, so I’m still having those summer margarita cravings. So I thought, “Why not make an apple cider margarita and see how that feels?”

As it turns out, tequila and cider is a super delicious combination! One that will probably be my partner-in-crime throughout November. With the upcoming election results, Thanksgiving, and whatever else 2020 wants to throw at us, having an easy drink available is going to be key!


Like any good cocktail recipe, the amount of each portion can vary based on how you like your drinks. I had Shaun sample my first batch of the apple cider margarita, and he said it was a little too sweet for him. I, however, thought it was delicious.

If you like your drink more/less sweet, you should adjust the amount of simple syrup you add. The cider is already a little bit sweet, so you can omit the syrup completely if that floats your boat.

I found that I was happiest when I added more cinnamon and nutmeg to my margarita. An alternative to adding the spices to the drink would be to rim your glass with them instead.

The last adjustment that I want to bring up is the liquor choice. I understand that a lot of people ruined tequila for themselves in their early 20’s and may not be able to enjoy an apple cider margarita. If that’s you, bourbon works just as well for a cozier version.

Apple Cider Margarita Instructions

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